The emphasis in the Senior School Program (Grades 9 & 10) is on strengthening academic learning in order to prepare the students for the CBSE X Grade Board Exam. Great emphasis is laid on developing study skills, time management, and effective organization in preparation for high school. Concepts learned in the classroom are deepened and expanded through projects that focus on application of these ideas in the real world. Students acquire greater meaning and insight into the complexity of these issues as they dialogue and engage with their peers and stakeholders.

In order to facilitate the transition to Higher Secondary school, students and parents are supported by career counselling programs. They participate in an eight module workshop where they interact with professionals from various fields, and discover their aptitudes and potential. Based on these interactions a report is generated with suggestions to guide the students in selecting their career options. Over the last ten years we have found that this program has been very effective in supporting parents and students make suitable career choices. Emotional support and destress programs are provided to help students and parents cope with the challenges of the CBSE exams.

Language Arts

In the Language program students are exposed to a variety of literary genres, and forms and styles of writing. They are encouraged to work collaboratively to develop, extend and intensify their creativity through literary discussions and writings. At this level the program integrates technology into the language classroom. Students are motivated to explore exciting ways to present their work, in order to inspire their audience.


The Science curriculum in high school encourages students to engage in authentic investigation using the scientific method, in order to deepen their understanding of key concepts. STEAM projects enable students to deepen their inquiry, take thoughtful risks, embrace collaboration, and follow a systematic problem solving and product design process.


At this stage, learning Math is more than just learning concepts and skills. Students are encouraged to develop complex higher level mathematical thinking. They debate animatedly on the nature of mathematical proofs and logical reasoning. They begin to understand that there are multiple compelling solutions to a problem and learn to choose the one that will lead to the most elegant solution. They also learn to construct mathematical models through critically examining different strategies and proofs.

Social Studies

The learning of History and Geography is enriched through community based thematic Projects. The themes are drawn from environmental, economic and socio-political issues based on the region or culture they have chosen to study. The projects provide the students an in-depth appreciation of these issues - their reading, research, field visits, interviews with stakeholders and interactions with experts in various fields help them expand their understanding and further their investigations. In the final year students are focussed on preparing for the CBSE Board exams.